Terms & Conditions

Evobus and Coach Ltd
General Conditions of Carriage

These General Conditions of Carriage are the conditions on which Evobus and Coach Limited T/A GoBus carries any person and their property and these conditions shall apply to each ticket issued by Evobus and Coach Ltd. T/A GoBus. Any person who travels on a Evobus and Coach Ltd. T/A GoBus service shall be considered to have agreed to be carried on these General Conditions of Carriage.

The Following conditions apply to the issue of e-Tickets:

You must give your ticket number, either in print or on your smart phone, to board the coach. You must be at your departure point 15 minutes prior to departure to guarantee your reservation.Tickets are only valid for travel on the selected journey date and time. Passengers with open return tickets must pre-book the return journey to guarantee a seat. Luggage carried at owners risk. Issued subject to standard conditions of carrage.

Galway - Dublin City and Airport

Arrive/Depart Galway = Coach Station Fairgreen Road

Airport = Zone 10 Stops 1 & 2

Arrive Dublin City = Eden Quay

Depart Dublin City = Burgh Quay (GoBus Stop is adjacent to Jaffa Deli)


Cork -Dublin City and Airport 

Arrive/Depart Cork = St.Patrick`s Quay (Coach Stop 1)                      

Airport = Zone 12 Stop 7                                                                                           

 Arrive Dublin City = Eden Quay                                                                   

Depart Dublin City=Burgh Quay(GoBus.ie Stop is adjacent to Jaffa Deli)

Making a seat reservation:

We recommend that you reserve your ticket in advance to guarantee your seat. All reservations are subject to availability of seats on the service. A reservation of a seat does not guarantee you a particular seat on a coach. Passengers with ‘open dated’ return tickets must pre-book the return journey to guarantee a seat.

Drivers can issue tickets at the time of departure subject to availability of seats on the service. Such tickets as issued as ‘open dated’ return tickets and must be pre-booked to guarantee accommodation on the return leg of the journey.


You must check your ticket: You must check your ticket for errors as soon as you receive it. If your ticket was issued to you in person from our offices or agents, then you should check your ticket at that time and bring any errors immediately to the attention of the person who issued the ticket to you. If your ticket was delivered by any other method, then you must inform us of any errors no later than 2 working days after you receive your ticket and, in any event, prior to the stated departure time of the service. If your ticket is an e-ticket you must check the details on the ticket purchase screen of the gobus.ie site.

You must travel with your ticket: You must take your ticket whenever you travel on a service and you must produce your ticket for inspection when asked. If you do not take your ticket with you when you travel, or do not produce your ticket when asked you will be considered to have travelled without a ticket. If you do not have a ticket when boarding, and subject to seats being available, a ticket must be purchased from the driver.

You must travel with a valid ticket: You must produce a valid ticket to travel. If a ticket is spoiled or tampered with, it will be invalidated. The Company reserves the right to refuse to issue a replacement ticket in such circumstances.

Lost Tickets: The Company will not replace lost, mislaid or stolen tickets. You will be required to purchase a new standard fare ticket to enable you to travel.

Make sure you are on the correct service: You are responsible for boarding and getting off the service at the correct destination.

You should arrive at the boarding point at least 15 minutes before departure: You should arrive at the boarding point for a service at least 15 minutes prior to the timetable departure for that service. The Company may give your seat to another passenger if you arrive later than the scheduled check in time, in which case you will be considered to have missed the service. The Company shall not be liable for any loss in such circumstances.

Connections: We recommend you allow plenty of time for a service to arrive, in time to connect with other forms of transport provided with other carriers. Where such forms of transport involves air travel we recommend you allow at least 1 hour before your flight check in time. The Company shall not be liable for any loss, delay or expense arising as a result of such circumstances outside our control.

Transfer of Luggage: If you have to change from one coach to another you will be responsible for transferring yourself and your luggage between coaches.

Refreshment Breaks: If a short halt is made on service for toilets or refreshments, you must return to the coach punctually within the time allowed for the halt. The Company shall not be obliged to hold up the coach for you, and the company shall not be liable to you, if you miss the coach because you return later. The Company will not reimburse any additional costs you may incur as a result of you missing the coach.

Seat Belts: You are required by law, to wear the seatbelt provided at all times whilst seated


Our obligation to carry you: It is our obligation to carry you and your permitted luggage on the journeys permitted by your ticket, on and subject to these General Conditions of Carriage and any Special Conditions. We will make reasonable efforts to carry you with the minimum discomfort and inconvenience.

The advertised running times for any individual service can be effected by events outside our control such as roadworks, traffic accidents, adverse weather conditions, unforeseen congestion etc, but we will use reasonable endeavors to minimize any disruption to your journey.

Evobus and Coach Ltd. T/A GoBus, services may be subject to alternation or cancellation without notice for reasons beyond the control of Evobus and Coach Ltd. T/A GoBus intending passengers are therefore advised to enquire before setting out on their journey for the latest information concerning services.

The Company shall have no liability for circumstances beyond our control: The Company shall have no liability for any delay or failure to carry you, or breach of contract, where caused by a circumstance beyond our reasonable control, which shall be deemed to include but not limited to accidents causing delays on the service route, exceptional severe weather conditions, fire and/or damage at a coach station, compliance with requests of the police, customs or other government officials, deaths and accidents on the road, problems caused by other passengers, vandalism, terrorism and acts of God.

Our maximum liability to you: Our maximum liability to you for any reasonable and foreseeable loss, damage or liability which you may suffer or incur as a result of our failure to carry you, our delay in carrying you ,breach of our contract to carry you, our negligence in connection with carrying you, or the deliberate or negligent acts or omissions of any of our officers, employees, agents, representatives or sub-contractors, shall be limited to reimbursing you for the reasonable cost of alternative travel to such destination.

We agree to carry you and your luggage on the journey permitted by your ticket, on and subject to these General Conditions of Carriage and any Special Conditions applicable to your ticket.

Your Ticket: Your ticket is a record of our agreement to carry you or to arrange for your carriage.

Your ticket is non-transferable and may only be used for whom it has been bought.

Discounted & Promotional Tickets are non refundable and non transferrable.

Student Tickets and ID

Regarding passengers who have purchased a student ticket or request a student fare from the driver or in our office, a valid student ID card is required.


Carriage of children and young person’s: For health and safety reasons, we do not carry any child under 15 years of age unless that child is accompanied by a responsible person aged 16 or over. One child 3 years of age or under, may travel free if accompanied by a full fare paying passenger over the age of 16.

Validity of your ticket

Period for which your ticket is valid: Your ticket permits you to make the journeys and travel on the services stated on the ticket, subject to any restrictions or statements as to the services, dates, days of the week, and times within a day on which you may travel.


Permitted Luggage: Each passenger is allowed two medium sized suitcases or rucksacks (no more than 20kgs per item). In addition one small item of hand luggage, capable of fitting in an overhead luggage rack or under the seat is permitted.  Any excess luggage is subject to a fee of €5 per bag, which is payable to the driver at time of travel.

All luggage must be labeled and is carried at owners’ risk. Medications, money, travel/identify documents and other valuable items must not be carried in luggage but should be carried on the person at all times.

We may agree to carry, subject to available accommodation, additional luggage such as bicycles, skis and surfboards, provided they are packed in suitable protective packaging. If we agree to carry any such item on any journey this does not mean that we have agreed to carry that luggage on any subsequent journey you make.  Please be advised that a €5 fee per item is payable to our driver in these situations. Fragile items such as electrical goods, portable televisions and radio will only be carried if they are of reasonable size and securely packaged.  

Prohibited Luggage: The Company is not obliged to carry any of the following items of luggage and passengers may not bring them onto the coach – any weapons, drugs or solvents (other than medications), live or dead animals, fish or insects.

Our liability for loss or damage to luggage: The Company does not accept liability for loss or damage to the passengers luggage or to any possessions of the passenger (however caused), unless such loss or damage is proven to have been causes by the negligence, breach of duty of statutory duty of the company.

In the event of the company being proven liable for loss or damage under this clause the liability shall be limited to a maximum of €150 per passenger. You should insure your luggage, especially if you are carrying valuable items with reputable insurers against all usual and normal risks of loss or damage, to the full replacement value of the luggage, with no access.

Lost Luggage
Our liability for lost luggage: If we are notified that you have left behind or lost any of your luggage on a coach or at a station we shall take reasonable care of that luggage when it is located. If you have not collected your lost luggage within 1 month of our receiving or finding it, we may dispose of your luggage in any manner we wish. We shall be entitled to open and examine any left luggage or lost luggage. If there any items which we consider are dangerous or perishable, or otherwise unsuitable for storage, we shall be entitled to dispose of those perishable items within 48 hours of our receiving or finding such items. If you find any property of any other person on any coach or at any station, you must hand it over to us immediately. If you find any property on any coach you shall hand it over to the driver where possible.

Refunds for cancellation of service:
If the coach you were booked to travel on, is cancelled or there are insufficient seats and as a consequence you reasonably decide not to travel, you may claim a refund if you return the ticket to the office. If you have used the outward part of a return ticket, we will refund the price paid for the return journey.

Time Limit: Where travel is cancelled over 72 hours before time of travel, a refund will be made subject to an administration fee of €5.00 per ticket.

There is no refund for ‘no show’, lost or stolen tickets

No refunds will be made on partially used tickets under any circumstances 

Ticket amendments:

Changes are permitted to your ticket up to one hour before our scheduled departure time; We are unable to make changes to a ticket within 1 hour of your original departure time or once the time of travel has passed.

Tickets purchased at a reducded rate during our seat sale (see News page) are subject to a €5 amendement fee - seat sale commences 01 Nov 2019.

Our Offices are open 7 days a week from 9.00am to 17.50pm  however our out of hours policy regarding ticket amendments is that, you may leave a message on our voicemail or email info@gobus.ie a minimum of one hour before your original departure time. Please leave your ticket number and phone number and we will contact you the next day from 9am onwards with regards the changes or any cancellations you wish to make.

General Terms

During special occasions GoBus.ie may opt to film in the Galway Coach Station, the ticket holder consents to participate in any visual recordings or photography GoBus.ie or any third parties employed by GoBus.ie undertake. The ticket holder understands that GoBus.ie may publish photographs or videos taken to be used in GoBus.ie’s print, online and video based marketing materials, as well as other company publications. 


Passengers are not permitted to:

  • - Smoke either on the coach or at any coach station. Given that there is insufficient evidence surrounding the safety of E-Cigarettes, we respectfully request that passengers refrain from using these whilst on our coaches or in the coach station
  • - Bring onto the company’s vehicles or have in their possession when on them, intoxicating liquor for the purpose of consuming the same
  • - Consume intoxication liquor on the company’s vehicles
  • - Bring onto the company’s vehicles or have in their possession when on them any medical products other than for medical purposes within the meaning of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1977
  • - Remain on a vehicle when directed to leave by the driver or other company official on the grounds that he/she is causing a nuisance
  • - Bring hot drinks including tea and coffee on-board the coach WITHOUT a sealed lid.
  • - Bring hot food or food of strong odour on-board. Cold food and snacks ARE permitted, however this is subject to the drivers discretion
  • -Pets/Animals are not permitted on our services. However, Guide Dogs /Assistance dogs with the appropriate ID to distinguish them as working dogs and not pets are welcome. To ensure approval for Travel please email a copy of all documentation for your Guide/ Assistance dog to info@gobus.ie for review before booking your ticket. Once approved we will arrange it with the relevant Driver of the service on which you hope to travel on.