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Staff from took part in Croi’s World Heart Day ’15 Minute’ Lunchtime Walk on September 29th.


Participants gathered at Browne Doorway (at the top of Eyre Square) for a mile long walk through William Street; Shop Street; High Street; Quay Street over Wolfetone Bridge and back up Dominick Street; Bridge Street; Mainguard Street; Shop Street and finishing in Eyre Square.


The initiative aimed to encourage all workers in offices and businesses in Galway city centre to take 15 minutes out of their lunchtime and make time for a quick stroll.


Explaining the advantage of just a little daily exercise, Croi’s Exercise Specialist Denise Dunne says “we sit on average 8 hours a day and long hours of sitting increases our risk of heart disease by almost 50%. Standing and walking in the average working day helps burn calories which is good for weight control but taking as little as fifteen minutes a day during lunchtime will help lower blood pressure; increase good cholesterol, increase productivity and reduce stress levels”